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Welcome to SAMS Heating and Air Conditioning! With over 20 years of HVAC industry experience, we’re proud to be Michiana’s top choice for heating and cooling services in the area.

Our pros specialize in ductwork fabrication and repair services for homes in the Edwardsburg and South Bend areas, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for service. Contact us today to learn more about ductwork fabrication and repair from SAMS Heating and Air Conditioning!

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Ductwork Fabrication in the Mishawaka Area

When you need ductwork fabrication in your home near Cassopolis, give SAMS Heating and Air Conditioning a call. Our team of skilled HVAC pros is experienced in creating custom ductwork that fits perfectly in any home.

Whether you need new ductwork installed or existing ductwork repaired or replaced, our team can handle it all. We use high-quality materials and equipment to ensure that your ductwork is durable, long-lasting, and reliable. Contact SAMS Heating and Air Conditioning for all your ductwork fabrication needs in the Michiana area!

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SAMS is your #1 AC repair experts.
SAMS is your #1 AC repair experts.

Why You Should Contact SAMS

Think of us first for all of your HVAC needs

Over 20 Years of Experience

Over 20 Years of Experience

We’ve been in business since 2002, so we understand our customers’ concerns and are transparent about our services.

10 Year Warranty

10-Year Warranty

All of our installation prices include a 10-year warranty on parts and a warranty on labor*.

*Labor warranty varies depending on Manufacturer

Unbeatable Service

Unbeatable Service

We take the extra time to teach our customers how to maintain their systems so they can keep the units running properly.

SAMS is your #1 AC repair experts.
SAMS is your #1 AC repair experts.
SAMS is your #1 AC repair experts.

Ductwork Repair Near Granger, IN

If you're experiencing issues with the ductwork in your Michigan or Indiana home, such as leaks or blockages, our team of professionals is here to help. We understand the importance of properly functioning ducts for efficient heating and cooling in your home.

Our technicians are skilled in identifying and repairing ductwork problems, ensuring that your system operates at its best. With our prompt and affordable services, you can trust SAMS Heating and Air Conditioning to provide top-notch ductwork repairs for your home near Middlebury, IN.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ductwork Services

  • What is ductwork and why is it important? Ductwork refers to the system of ducts that distribute heated or cooled air throughout a building. It plays a crucial role in maintaining proper indoor air quality and temperature control. Without proper ductwork, air conditioning and heating systems would not be able to effectively deliver conditioned air to different areas of a building.

  • How often should ductwork be cleaned? The frequency of ductwork cleaning depends on various factors, such as the type of building, the presence of pets, and the overall indoor air quality. As a general guideline, it is recommended to have ductwork cleaned every 3 to 5 years. However, if you notice excessive dust buildup or experience respiratory issues, more frequent cleaning may be necessary.

  • Can ductwork be repaired or does it need to be replaced? In many cases, ductwork can be repaired rather than replaced. Common issues that may require repair include leaks, loose connections, and damaged insulation. However, if the ductwork is severely damaged or outdated, replacement may be the best option for optimal performance and energy efficiency.

  • How can I improve the efficiency of my ductwork system? There are several ways to improve the efficiency of your ductwork system. First, ensure that all ducts are properly sealed to prevent air leakage. This can help avoid energy waste and maintain consistent temperatures throughout your building. Additionally, regular maintenance, such as cleaning and filter replacement, can optimize airflow and prevent clogs that could reduce efficiency. Lastly, consider upgrading to energy-efficient equipment or adding insulation to further enhance the performance of your ductwork system.
We carry Armstrong Air, Mitsubshi, and Ducane HVAC products.

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System Repair

AC repair is a call away with SAMS!

$50 off heat pump or mini-split repair services.

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System Replacement

AC replacement is a call away with SAMS!

$100 off heat pump or mini-split replacement.

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Filter Replacement

Filter swap-outs are a call away with SAMS!

$25 off filter replacement services. Schedule today!

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